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To the surprise of most Clubs, they can require members to sign waivers, whereby the members waive certain rights to sue the Club in the event of injury or other harm. Waivers, if drafted correctly and with an understanding of the industry, can significantly reduce the Club’s insurance rates and ensure protection in the event that the Club is sued. A proper waiver should address indemnification and hold harmless of the Club, a non-prohibited person declaration and a health declaration.

Furthermore, few Clubs even give a second thought to taking pictures of members at Club events and posting those pictures on the Club’s website. When using an individual’s image and/or likeness, the Club can open itself to liability, unless the member has consented to his/her likeness and image being used by the Club in a tasteful manner.

As you can see from the above, drafting a waiver, without knowledge of the industry, can result in limited protections to the Club and its members. We have drafted Gun Club specific waivers to address the issues of the industry and to ensure that our Clubs are protected to the furthest extent provided for by the law.

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