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By-Laws and General Issues

As most Gun Clubs are incorporated, usually as a non-profit corporation, it is extremely important to ensure that the Club’s By-Laws are current, and have been reviewed by an attorney familiar with both the non-profit regulations and the intended desires of the Gun Club to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements. Issues such as indemnification of Board Members, dealing with members that have not paid dues, and handling of members who may come into conflict with the Club (aka the member is considering suing the Club) are often overlooked and not considered by attorneys who are unfamiliar with Gun Clubs and the firearms industry.

Furthermore, specific committees designed to further and promote the interests of the Club should be listed in the By-Laws, along with their power and role within the Club, including a special legal committee that is prepared, in advance of any complaints, to deal with noise, loss of containment and other such issues, while its discussions/findings are protected from general disclosure.

We have developed specific By-Laws to be utilized by Gun Clubs, which address the issues that Gun Clubs have to be considerate of and which ensure the utmost protection of the Club, the Board Members and general members. In that vein, we have designed our By-Laws to ensure that our Gun Clubs will continue in existence for our grandchildren to partake in the enjoyment that many take for granted.

We are also prepared to advise your Club on OSHA requirements (yes, they apply even to outdoor ranges), lead disposal, Club/ Range rental agreements, waivers, nuisance suits, the legal consequences of providing alcohol for a donation, the procurement of a liquor license, representation of Clubs charged with sales of alcohol without a license, small games of chance licenses and other Gun Club issues that may affect your Club.

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