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PICS Denials

Unfortunately, sometimes an individual attempts to purchase a firearm and is denied based on the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS). This could be for valid reasons or could be an error on the Pennsylvania State Police’s (PSP’s) part. It is not uncommon for the PSP’s PICS system to erroneously deny an individual because its records are not complete (e.g. does not reflect that the charges were withdrawn, nolle prossed or the individual was found not guilty), the record relates to an individual with the same or similar name or because the system is down.

Before you file a PICS Challenge form, you should consult with an attorney who is cognizant of Pennsylvania firearms laws so that you do not end up being charged with making false statements to the police. It is important to note that you only have 30 days from a denial to file the PICS Challenge. We are prepared to review your denial, advise you on how to proceed and file a PICS Challenge, if appropriate.

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