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Indoor/Outdoor Range Advice and Implementation

If you are considering building or renovating your existing indoor or outdoor range, there are numerous issues that you must consider, including zoning. In Pennsylvania, the OSHA requirements are enforced through the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety (BOIS). These requirements deal with the lead standard, lead as hazardous waste, eye protection, noise exposure, material safety data sheets, and the Clean Water Act.


There are also numerous liability concerns and waivers that should be utilized by range operators to limit, if not completely prevent, liability. Moreover, if your range is going to be providing firearms training, there are additional firearms training waivers that should be utilized to protect against liability.


Lastly, most outdoor ranges are surprised to learn that Pennsylvania law actually protects them in many instances from noise complaints. If you are considering installing a new indoor or outdoor range, or are preparing to renovate your existing range, contact us today so that together we can ensure that your company is protected and that your project is completed without problem.

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