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Inaccuracy of the NFRTR: Smoking Gun

As many of you are aware, I continue to maintain that the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR) is inaccurate and cannot be used for a criminal proceeding. I have written a lengthy paper on the the inaccuracies of the NFRTR, in which I go through all the audits of the NFRTR. All of the audits and FOIA requests show the NFRTR to be inaccurate, unreliable, and, as the NFA Branch Chief Busey comments make clear, also part of a BATFE conspiracy to commit perjury regarding its accuracy. It can be found here.

Yesterday, I received, as part of a VERY old FOIA request, a “Firearms Inspection Worknote”. While the BATFE denied the existence of any such documents, I knew that these forms existed from BATFE audits of dealers’ inventories. For some unexplained reason, the document was sent along with a letter stating that 290 other similar documents had been found and whether those documents would be of interest.

This is further proof of the inaccuracy of the NFRTR and why it is imperative that our judicial system learn of inaccuracy. Innocent, law-abiding individuals can be and have been prosecuted because of the BATFE’s inability to accurately maintain this database. Dr. Scheuren, the leading U.S. statistician, testified in US v. Friesen that the NFRTR was not sufficient for a criminal proceeding. It is time that the Judiciary and Congress take note and force a full and complete inspection of the NFRTR.

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