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Range Defense and Nuisance Suits

Unfortunately, many Gun Clubs find themselves subject to noise and nuisance suits, even after being in existence for decades and the complaining party on recently moved to the area. In these situations, it is imperative that your Club hires an attorney that is familiar with the firearms laws of the Commonwealth because Pennsylvania has specific statutory protections for Gun Clubs that were in existence prior to the noise ordinance being enacted by the township.

Moreover, by taking an active role when developments are proposed, the Club can ensure, at a bare minimum, that all the deeds to the homes in the development specify that the buyer is acknowledging that he/she is buying a home in close proximity to a Gun Club and is accepting the noise and other resultant effects of living near a range.

While we are prepared to defend your Club against any form of litigation, by taking a proactive approach, your Club can minimize its exposure to potential litigation in the future.

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