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Expungements and Pardons

To the dismay of many of my clients, Pennsylvania is very strict on what can be expunged. You can only have a conviction expunged if:

  • 1) It was a summary conviction, and 5 years have lapsed since you paid the requires costs; or
  • 2) You were accepted into Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) and successfully completed it, including paying all fines; or
  • 3) You are 70 years of age and have not committed a crime in the pst 10 years; or
  • 4) You have been dead for the past 3 years.

Hence, it is extremely unlikely, unless you fit into exception 3, that you can get a firearms prohibiting conviction expunged from your record. However, if you are not a prohibited person, but rather are being denied a license to carry firearms (LTCF) for an expungeable offense, you should contact me to discuss your options. Assuming that you suffer from prohibiting conviction, where there is no ability to file for relief from your firearms disability, your only option is a pardon.

While many individuals believe that it is impossible to obtain a pardon, that is far from the truth. Almost 77% of pardons, where the individual is represented by an attorney, are recommended by the Board of Pardons to the Governor. If you are being denied your 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, because of a conviction that precludes your possession and/or purchase of a firearm, contact me to today to discuss your options.

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