Our Clients

Representing FFLs (Dealers, Manufacturers, Importers, and Curios and Relics licensees), Individuals, Gun Clubs, and pro-Second Amendment Organizations throughout the United States--and some internationally--FICG is dedicated to the protection of the Second Amendment. Having substantial experience representing the Firearms Industry in state and federal firearms law issues, some of our clients include:


Kenney's Custom Props, LLC -- Kenney's Facebook Page
Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical, Inc. -- www.VickersTactical.com
Sarco, Inc. -- www.SarcoInc.com
Trop Gun Shop, LTD -- www.TropGun.com


American Gun Owners Alliance (AMGOA) -- www.AMGOA.org
Concerned Gun Owners of PA (CGOPA) -- www.CGOPA.org
Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC) -- www.FOAC-PAC.org
Lehigh Valley Open Carry (LVOC) -- www.LVOpenCarry.com
Pennsylvania Coalition for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (PARKBA) -- www.PARKBA.org
Pennsylvanians for Self Protection -- www.PA4SP.org

Gun Clubs / Ranges

Boyertown Rod and Gun Association -- www.BRGAInc.com
Eastern Lancaster Co. Rod and Gun Club -- www.ELCRodGun.com
Shooters Gauntlet, LLC -- www.ShootersGauntlet.com
Tulpehocken Rifle and Pistol Club -- www.TulpRPC.org

Pursuant to Professional Rules of Conduct, all listed clients have provided their informed consent to this limited disclosure.