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Firearms Industry Consulting Group®

Our Clients

Representing FFLs (Dealers, Manufacturers, Importers, and Curios and Relics licensees), Individuals, Gun Clubs, and pro-Second Amendment Organizations throughout the United States–and some internationally–FICG is dedicated to the protection of the Second Amendment. Having substantial experience representing the Firearms Industry in state and federal firearms law issues, some of our clients include:


Kenney’s Custom Props, LLC — Kenney’s Facebook Page
Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical, Inc. —
Sarco, Inc. —
Trop Gun Shop, LTD —


American Gun Owners Alliance (AMGOA) —
Concerned Gun Owners of PA (CGOPA) —
Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC) —
Lehigh Valley Open Carry (LVOC) —
Pennsylvania Coalition for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (PARKBA) —
Pennsylvanians for Self Protection —

Gun Clubs / Ranges

Boyertown Rod and Gun Association —
Eastern Lancaster Co. Rod and Gun Club —
Shooters Gauntlet, LLC —
Tulpehocken Rifle and Pistol Club —

Pursuant to Professional Rules of Conduct, all listed clients have provided their informed consent to this limited disclosure.

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