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Introductory Assessment

Introductory Assessment

Being OSHA compliant is an intimidating task. However, with OSHA fines increasing by 78% now is the time to make sure your Firearms Related Business is in compliance. There are thousands of specific requirements and every business is unique.That’s why we do not schedule initial consultations over the phone. We simply believe it is impossible to guarantee you the best information if we do not come to your facility.

Our first step to providing OSHA Safety Solutions is to schedule you an Introductory Assessment. During the Assessment, our Consultant will meet you at your facility, anywhere in Pennsylvania. This will allows a thorough review of backstops, loaders, lathes, mills, or any other equipment your facility uses. More importantly, it allows our Consultant to review any existing OSHA compliance programs you have and determine if they are providing you with adequate protection.

We limit the Assessment to a maximum of 3 hours at your facility. This ensures you and your employees are not unnecessarily intruded upon, but still provides enough time to discover problem areas and rule out regulations or services that are not applicable.

However, the limited time necessitates that the assessment be accomplished in an orderly manner. To do this we divide it up into three parts:

  1. The Initial Sit Down: This is the time when you can share your areas of particular concern and explain any existing safety procedures or programs you already have.
  2. The Walkthrough: Our Consultant will have you walk him through every aspect of your business so he can identify those areas which are compliant, the areas that are immune, and those which may require some attention.
  3. The Closing Conference: At this point our Consultant will explain the basics of his findings and provide a timeline for you to receive your written report. At this point you will also be provided options for correcting any findings that may have arose. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the proposals to ensure you are being given the best recommendations for your business.

We charge a flat fee of $300 for an Introductory Assessments anywhere in the Commonwealth and you can put 50% of that fee towards a qualifying future service.

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