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Rifle, Shotgun, and Regulated Firearm Purchase and Transfer Denials

FBI National Instant Check System (NICS) and Maryland State Police

Maryland is a partial point of contact state, meaning that some firearms-related background checks are performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), most rifles and shotguns, and some are performed by the Maryland State Police (MSP), regulated firearms, handgun qualification licenses, and wear and carry permits.

Unfortunately, sometimes firearm-related background checks are denied following the background check. This could be valid, or it could be an error on the part of FBI or MSP. If you are denied a purchase, transfer, HQL, or wear and carry permit in Maryland your options to appeal and the amount of time you have to do so, will vary depending on the type of application and the agency issuing the denial, but it could be as little as 10-days.

We are prepared to review your denial, advise you on how to proceed, and represent you in all stages of a firearm-related appeal where appropriate, including before the FBI NICS Section, at Informal Review before the MSP, hearings before the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings, and all the way to the Maryland Supreme Court.

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