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Here’s What A Few Of Our Clients Have to Say About Us!

Pass PICS Background…..Denied LTCF By Local Sheriff

Anonymous — December, 2013

Joshua Prince is hands down the best Firearms attorney in the state of PA. I applied for a license to carry a firearm in Monroe County PA. I was denied by the Sheriff due to a PICS denial for a felony conviction in 1995 in NY. I challenged the denial because i received a certificate of relief of disabilities from NY (which restores all your right). I sent in the challenge form and the denial was reversed by Pennsylvania State Police stating that my “recent PICS background check has resulted in a finding that you are not prohibited from the license to carry a firearm”. I went back to the Sheriff office and reapplied for my license. I was denied again. This time the letter stated” Applicants actions or behavior in the past, have been deemed that he or she may be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety”.

I contacted Joshua Prince with about 10 days left to Appeal the denial. He advised me that there were several issues we had grounds to appeal on. He said we had some time to contact the Sheriff attorney to see if we could get this resolved without filing an appeal, which would of saved me money and time. Most lawyers are in it for the money so I was surprised when he even offered to go that route. The Sheriff refused to resolve it so we proceeded with the appeal. Joshua put together a 27 page appeal that was so in depth I thought he was submitting it the US Supreme Court. I mean he hit it from all angles from 2nd amendment violations, due process violation, he argued that the sheriff waived his right to deny me for character issues because he had the chance to do it on the first denial letter. I was very impressed with the way Joshua handled my case. About a month ago Joshua called to advise me that the Sheriff decided to issue me a LTCF. I was very happy we were able to resolve this matter without going to trial.

Joshua is very knowledgeable and experienced in firearms law and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a firearms attorney . He answered all my emails promptly, even when he was out of town. He worked with me as far as the retainer and payments. He never called me asking about money even when I was running a little late on a payment. Most lawyers are money hungry sharks who take your money and know you don’t stand a chance to win your case. With Joshua you feel like your personal friend is handling your cases….. Thanks Josh for a wonderful job.

Excellent! Extremely Professional and Dedicated!

Kevin, a Constitutional Client — November, 2013

Due to a PA PICS denial, I was unable to purchase/handle a firearm. After first hiring a lawyer who was inexperienced in the specialty field of firearm law that didn’t go so well, I found Joshua while researching my options.

Joshua Prince is the most respectful, hard working, and dedicated lawyer I have ever met. I wish I would’ve found him previously! It was an absolute pleasure to hire him, and my firearm rights are now restored.

Josh Was a Crucial Asset and Instrumental In Getting Our Shop Off The Ground

Stony Creek Outfitters, a Business Client — 2011

I met Josh by dumb luck almost 2 years ago and our business relationship has since grown into a friendship. He was instrumental in getting my LLC formed and also a crucial asset in obtaining my FFL.

I would not be in business today had it not been for all the help from Josh, his Dad and their great team of people at Prince Law.

What I find especially amusing with Josh is… his eagerness to correct and educate the BATF on Federal law. I’ve seen it firsthand during three separate licensing interviews and also in a public discussion environment.

Josh also had no problem handling my many issues at the local level, including zoning, building lease and permit problems.

To sum up my thoughts about Josh…

If you have an FFL or are planning on getting one, you would be MUCH better off with Josh helping you during the process, rather than going it alone. There are many bumps and hurdles to overcome when getting into the firearms business… and having Josh at your side will make things much easier. I will guarantee that.

Dedicated, Professional, Honest, Extremely Hardworking, and Responsive to Every Question

Peter, a Constitutional Client — November, 2013

I live in Arizona and needed an attorney from Pennsylvania to handle my case. My friends son, a Philadelphia attorney, recommended Joshua. The initial consultation with Joshua was scheduled and he was on time, informative and his self confidence in the firearms laws and legal procedures was apparent and inspired confidence.

He immediately established a plan and expectations. Joshua accomplished in four months a wonderful life changing outcome for me which has restored my 2nd amendment rights.

Helped Me Maintain My CHL Rights

Joseph — August, 2013

I found him on a CHL forum. I need some help as the Commonwealth of PA was up to some monkey business. Joshua took care of it, end of story.

He’s the man! Great communication, very professional!! Great staff!! Great everything!! They refunded my unused escrow, which was most of the retainer. What lawyers do that? Thank you!!!!

PA NFA Gun Trust Attorney

Michael, a Trusts Client — 2012

Had recently moved to Pennsylvania and was very interested in creating a gun trust. Found Joshua Prince on the internet and saw that he was very well rated, so I contacted him via email and was given all the information I needed in a very timely manner. Before giving Joshua a single dollar, he spent close to an hour with me on the phone explaining the background of what a trust entailed and what I could and couldn’t do. By the end of our conversation, I knew that I wanted Joshua as the attorney handling the creation of my trust, without a doubt.

When I mentioned my prior military status to him, without blinking an eye, he gave me a reduced rate, which I am greatly appreciative of and will be giving out Joshua’s information at my local American Legion for anyone else interested in having a gun trust done. Joshua Prince is a gentleman, a patriot and, above all else, one of the easiest lawyers to deal with, and I’ve dealt with plenty. When it comes to your firearms rights, trust no other than Joshua Prince.

Professional, Knowledgeable, & Caring

Jeff, a Class Action Client — 2012

At first look, you make overpass this review, thinking ‘no lawyer can get such a good review’, but I assure you, Mr. Prince is the BEST. He has been on top of my case the whole time, keeping me informed of everything that’s happening, and handling the case in a professional, knowledgeable fashion. I’ve not had a single problem since I’ve hired him and he deserves every star I’ve given him.

Not only does Joshua do a great job as an attorney, he really cares about his clients. I am a current client, and Joshua helped me out (a lot) on an unrelated legal matter pro bono! Unlike some lawyers, he is not in it for the money, I could tell he truly cares about his clients and is passionate about what he does. He is very accessible and realistic.

I recommend attorney Joshua Prince to anyone who needs legal counsel.

Excellent Law Firm

Charlie, a Civil Rights Client — 2012

Joshua Prince and his staff are a needle in a haystack and I was very fortunate to have found them. Their constant professional, friendliness and overall willingness to provide the best service was phenomenal.

I specifically appreciated the constant communication with every update that occurred with my case and the overall progress of it as well. I highly recommend this practice and am very thankful for all that Joshua Prince’s law firm has done for me. Thank you so much!

Outstanding Attorney, Phenomenal Help and Support!

Abhishek, a State & Local Law Client — 2012

I had a slightly unique and relatively obscure issue that bordered somewhere between a Philadelphia Gun Permits Unit issue and an immigration/INS problem.

Attorney Prince spent a tremendous amount of time speaking with me, reaching out to his contacts, and doing everything that he could in order to make sure that we were able to get to an approval from the city.

His communication is quick (yet detailed), so you’re always in the loop, and he even replies while he is traveling, which makes you feel in-the-loop and like a valuable client. Communication can be key in some situations when speaking with a lawyer, and he’s a pro.

Everyone I’ve spoken to has had similar things to say regarding Attorney Prince, and I have yet to hear anything contrary. In short, if you have an issue that he works on, reach out to him. He’ll do a great job, and you won’t be disappointed.

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